Welcome to RallyAction at Imprezive.com

Here you can download my videoproductions from rallies.
Mostly from Swedish Championships and local rallys.
But ofcourse, the WRC Swedish Rally and maybe some other WRC rallies.
You will also be able to find some pictures, but mostly its videoproduction.

Next rally that I will visit:
Uddeholm Swedish Rally 2007

Production status:
Uploading rallies

10/8 2006 - Big upload
I've continued my work with this site and
uploaded more rallies.
Wales 05 and Swedish Championship Final 06.
Swedishrally 2006 still to do.

16/12 2005 - Uploaded
Videos are now uploaded from Swedish Rally 2004 and 2005.
Wales videos is on their way too. Enjoy!

23/9 2005 - Wales Rally GB
Wales Rally GB got a very sad end. But I am home now
and I've started to go throught the videomaterial.
I will try my best to get up all the videos from
Swedish championship, WRC Swedish Rally 2004 and 2005.

5/9 2005 - Homepage uploaded
I have now uploaded the homepage. Videos will be uploaded
as quick as I can.