6/11 2016 - New single!
The new single is finally here.
Key to my heart, with amazing vocals and
overall refreshed sound. Enjoy!

13/6 2016 - New remix and single!
A new remix is in the player for preview.
Our sound is a bit updated and a new single
from us will soon follow, with great vocals.

2/1 2016 - New year!
I hope you liked our new single Stars.
We hope we soon can present new things
that are coming up in this new year.

28/6 2015 - New single!
New single is finished, more info soon.
It has vocals by talanted Ketlin Sulli and
we include an uplifting Etania trance remix.

24/4 2015 - New remix!
We are supporting our side project with
a remix. Imprezive meets Pink Planet
"Reignite". Enjoy!
I can also tell we are about to finish
our next single.

11/4 2015 - New single Talk to Me!
We have now release another single!
With vocals by Gemma B we present
Talk to me, with remixes by Artic
City, Imprezive meets Pink Planet,
Mindshockers and The Nation.

20/1 2015 - New single F4U!
New year, new music, new single.
We start of the year with a new
Hardcharger vs Aurora & Toxic single.
For you who have followed me over the
years might recognize it, Feelings 4 You.
Check it out in the player!
Including remixes from Dj Fait,
Dj THT and The Nation.
Two official remixes coming up soon after.

28/5 2014 - Another new remix!
Our sideproject Etania is releasing
their first single Forever you are mine.
It will of course include a
Hardcharger vs Aurora & Toxic Remix! Our best!

9/3 2014 - New remix!
We've made a remix for our sideproject
Imprezive meets Pink Planet - Push the limits.
The release is March 28th. Take a listen to the preview.

26/12 2013 - Lots of tracks!
Im glad to announce that our next single
will be released in January 17th and its called
Tonight! Be sure to check the preview in the player.
Also we have two remixes to announce soon!

1/7 2013 - Castles in the sky!
Here comes another new remix announcement.
August 2nd will a new Hardcharger vs Aurora & Toxic Remix
be released. Its for Bastian Basics new track, which is
a cover of the classic Castles in the sky!
Check out the preview in the player!

18/6 2013 - The new single One Kiss!
Finally I can announce that our new single will be
released July 5th. Preview is in the player now!
Be sure to check out the Imprezive meets Pink Planet Remix
also. That is our side project with a new nice sound!

14/6 2013 - Lots of releases!
Been some delays, but now all releases are really close!
Uploaded a preview of the remix for our other project.
Soon I will upload preview of the upcoming single, coming
beginning of July! Ordinary People is coming July 19th.
The Special D Remix is also soon to be announced.
I can also tell that the potential third single is almost
finished with an amazing american female vocalist.

27/2 2013 - Hard work = lots of tracks!
Been working hard with the music lately, but its
paying off. Both Hardcharger vs Aurora & Toxic and
Imprezive meets Pink Planet singles are ready.
Remixes for both projects is now in progress.
So there is alot of tracks to expect.
We have also finished a really special bootleg
track. I've made a video for it.
Hit this link for Youtube to watch it!

31/12 2012 - Happy New Year!
I want to wish you a happy new year!
A preview of the our remix of
Imprezive meets Pink Planet - Forever is now available
as a preview in the player.
Be sure to visit the Imprezive page for a preview
of the Original Mix. I will get back as soon as I now a
releasedate of our upcoming remixes and the next single!

22/12 2012 - Merry Christmas!
Sorry for lack of updates. In november I didnt produce much,
but now lately I've been back and I am more inspired than ever.
Just finished our next Harcharger vs Aurora & Toxic single.
Its the first one with our new singer Elaine. I have a few other
singles that I have been working on, but this one will come first.
I am also looking forward to release the next Imprezive meets
Pink Planet track. It includes a HvsA&T Remix. Coming 8th of February.
One or two remixes will also come out in beginning of next year.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

2/9 2012 - We Are Dance Remix!
In just a few days is the official release of
the We Are Dance Anthem including a fresh remix from
HvsA&T. A preview is available in the player!
I'll be back when I know more releasedates of more remixes!

17/8 2012 - New remixes!
I hope you've had a nice summer.
Here comes some news after the summerbreak:
First up is a new remix coming August 24th, preview of
it is in the player now! Next up is a new remix for the
release of We Are Dance Project - We Are Dance. Its coming
September 7th.
Last week I finished another remix, and for just a few hours
ago I finished a really nice remix requested by a
major compilation.
I also have two other remixes to do and also finish
singles for both HvsA&T and Imprezive meets Pink Planet.
Tons of tracks to expect from us during rest of the year!

29/6 2012 - Kompulsor!
As promised, the preview of our remix for Kompulsor
"On The Radio" is now in the player.
Take a listen!
We have one remix still waiting to be released and
the work with our next single(s) is progressing.
Enjoy the summer!

22/6 2012 - Releases!
New preview in the player of a remix for Bastian Basic.
It is on the new Dj Networx vol 35, coming July 6th!
Also today is the release of Imprezive vs Pink planet
including our remix. The original mix is also produced by me.
Next friday I will publish a preview of the Kompulsor remix.

26/5 2012 - Two new remixes out this summer!
One remix for Kompulsor - On the radio is
coming July 7th. And a remix for my another
project Imprezive meets Pink planet, which is going
to be released in June 22th by Tunnel Records.
Its called: I cant believe it, and vocals is by
Lyane Leigh (E-rotic singer).
Preview of that is in the player.
Check out the original mix here.
Preview for Kompulsor track is coming soon.

21/5 2012 - New remix out on 25th!
Now we can announce that already this friday
you will be able to find a new release including
a Hardcharger vs Aurora & Toxic Remix.
It will first be exclusive out on
and 3 weeks later out in all shops.
Its a remix of Tranceless D. - Leave you
and is released by Sounds United Records.

11/5 2012 - Winner of remixcontest!
We where the best remix in We Are Dance Project
remixcontest. When they got 5000 likes on their
Facebook, our remix was published for free.
You can download it under releases.
5 remixes are now awaiting release.
I have also made an single with another
project which is signed Tunnel Records.
More info and previews coming soon.

1/5 2012 - New remixes!
Lots of remixes have been produced in the
last months. I will get back with releasedates
and previews as soon as I can.

20/2 2012 - New preview!
Preview of the upcoming remix for Malu Project
is now the the player. Its called Heartbeat.
I hope to be able to announce releasedate for our
next single soon!

7/1 2012 - New year, new single!
Happy new year! I hope you enjoyed my tracks
during last year. It ended well with the successful
single "Once Upon A Time". Its been on compilations like
Hard Dance Radio 8 and its on the upcoming
Deep Dance 2012 vol 20, coming 20th of January.
Also on that cd you can hear my remix of
Alex Boundry's - Quicksilver.
The work of the next Hardcharger vs Aurora & Toxic single
is now in progress. Coming soon with lots of great remixes.
A new remixes is coming up soon. First its one for
E-beatz - Between These Walls, you will love it.
Preview is coming up in next week and release is Jan 31st.
And in february I have a remix on a Malu Project release.

9/9 2011 - Once upon a time!
The new single coming 7th of October and
includes 4 remixers. It is called Once upon a time!
I have started a cooperation with two djanes
and we call ourself Hardcharger vs Aurora & Toxic.
The single is released by Mental Madness and you can
expect more tracks from us!
Preview up now.

26/8 2011 - Another remix!
Another remix is finished and release
is soon. Its coming 6th of September!
Its a remix of Alex Boundry - Quicksilver.
Check it out in the player!

13/7 2011 - New single and remix!
Sorry for long time between updates.
My musicproduction is kind of slow at the moment,
but I am sure it will increase soon.
I have in the meantime created a new single which
will soon be available. I hope it will come in august.
I will keep you updated when I get the releasedate.
A remix will hit the streets on 28/7.
A remix for Dj Ex One - Midnight. Release on
One Moon Records. Preview is now in the player.

15/4 2011 - Another remix out!
New remix from me out now!
Its Dancefloor Warning - Spin Me Around
and its released at Hammer Tracks!

5/3 2011 - New remix out!
Finally a new track is a released.
Its a remix for Excessive Clubbers first
single "Stay with me". Hope you will like it.

31/12 2010 - Happy new year!
Sorry for the lack of updates the
latest months. I have been trying reloading
my batterys for my musiccreation.
But I have acctually made a few remixes which
will hit the dancefloor beginning of next year.
And here comes a surprise for you:
I have made an new version of Feelings 4 You!
Exclusive and for free! Get it here.
Happy new year! 2011 here we come.

14/8 2010 - Release!
Both the Miss Anna Toxic remix and
Axamathic Remix is now out!
Go get them!

3/8 2010 - Unsigned!
Since my label decided just to release
electro/house tracks, I am currently
unsigned. I have a single ready and I am
sure I will find someone that want to release
it. It will just take a bit longer.
I will keep you updated and there is
remixes coming up, so you will be entertained!

5/7 2010 - Two remixes announced!
Two new remixes are ready for release.
First up is a remix for Axamathics next single
"Dont Go". It will be released 5th of August.
Next up is a remix for Miss Anna Toxic
"Set Me Free". Its signed Mental Madness and
will hit the dancefloors on 13th of August.
Check them out in the previewplayer now!

29/4 2010 - Two remixes released today!
Today was the Axamathic remix released. Go get it!
The other remix is for a swedish project called
"Gravitonas" and the track is "Kites".
One of the guys behind it is Alexander Bard (he is
behind B.W.O, Army of Lovers, Vacuum, etc).
A preview is in the player now.

3/4 2010 - New remix!
A new remix from me is coming up in end of the
month. Its a remix from Axamathic's single called
Between Memories. Release is 29th of April.

24/01 2010 - Preview!
Preview of Alive Remix is up in the player.

15/01 2010 - 2nd single released!
Today was my new single "Lost released.
I can also announce an upcoming remix:
Its a remix for Restricted Area. The track is
called "Alive" and is a cover of an trance track
from 2003. It has really nice vocals.
Releasedate 5th of February. Preview in player
will come soon.

31/12 2009 - 2010 here we come!
Happy new year to everyone!
First up in 2010 will be the compilation I
mentioned in the earlier post.
Next up will be my second single "Lost".
Then in February two remixes will be released,
so keep an ear open for previews soon!

27/12 2009 - Technobase.FM Clubinvasion Vol.1
One of my latest remixes has been put on a
compilation. Its Technobase.FM that have put
together their first double cd compilation.
My contribution is my remix of Dragon & Hunter
"What can I say". Its track nr 15 on disc 2.
Releasedate of the compilation is: 08-01-2010
Get it here:

18/12 2009 - Next single releasedate
Now its official, my next single "Lost" will be
released by Neon Trax on January 15th 2010.
As you hear, a preview of it is now in the player.
Included remixes are from: Axamathic, Candy-Chris
and Zboard. Check out more about it under Releases.
I have also made a remix of my favorite track and
its also going to be released in beginning of 2010.

21/10 2009 - Sorry!
Sorry for the lack of updates.
I am spending much time producing, but I hope
to announce my next remix and more info
about second single soon.
About Dragon & Hunter - WCIS remix; official
releasedate is set to 30th October.
That release has very nice remixes!

30/8 2009 - Second single!
I am happy to announce that my second single
is in production. This time I brought some female
vocals and have taken the hardcharger style
another step forward.
About remixes: The remix for Dragon and Hunter is
expected to be released in September.
I have also made another remix for Neptun Records
which is scheduled in the nearby future.

24/7 2009 - Angel, out now!
My first single "Angel" is out now!
Thanks to Spirit Vision Records and
David Crayn.

11/7 2009 - Dragon & Hunter!
I've just made a remix for Dragon & Hunters
track "What can I say". Its a very nice track
and the release will include some nice remixes.
It will soon be out on Neptun Records.

28/6 2009 - Don Cybex!
My old remix for Don Cybex is now finally out!
Made the track in August last year, but its still
nice and the mastering brings it up to my new standard.
A new preview is now in the player right after the Angel preview!
About my Angel track, it is a bit delayed because
Spirit Vision Records has change distributor to Kontor,
for a more international release!! The track will be
out in the next couple of weeks.

20/5 2009 - Hardcharger meets David Crayn!
Today we started the promo for my first signed single!
Hardcharger meets David Crayn - Angel

Including: Original Mix, Spirit & Crayn Electro Mix
Cheyne Copps Remix, Bassreactor Remix and
G4bby & Jixaw Remix.
Coming 26.06.2009 from Spirit Vision Records!

1/5 2009 - Big update!
In the last couple of weeks I've been very
busy producing remixes and tracks.
First out is a remix for Monkey Business, which
is a remake out of Kelly Klarksson - My Lify Would
Suck Without You. It will be out soon on Global Airbeatz.
Got more remixes coming up later.
I have also something going on over at Spirit Vision too!
So watch out for lots of great tracks from me.

26/3 2009 - Remaster and perfect mixdown!
In the last couple of weeks I have tweaked and
finally got my mixdown perfect. Its a huge improvement
in the sound and quality.
I have updated my best track from last year with
a remaster! Go get it now and tell me what you think.

21/1 2009 - Love again!
Tonight I finished up an old remix, while
testing some new improvements on my mixdown.
Its Lara Fabian's old track "I will love again".

17/1 2009 - Don Cybex!
I have uploaded a preview of an upcoming
remix signed Cuepoint Records.
Its a remix for Don Cybex - Love in Heaven and
it will be released together with remixes from:
Marc Korn, Megastylez and Dirty Impact.
Coming in February!

29/12 2008 - I lay my love on you!
Today was "David Crane - I lay my love on you"
together with my remix (radio and club mix)
released! Check the releases-section.
Happy New Year!

27/12 2008 - Soon a New Year!
This year has been a great musicproducing
year for me, especially the last half.
The Hardcharger-style was launched in August
this year, and it has been very appreciated.
So a good way to end this year it to release a
2009 remix of "Youre my angel", the song I remixed
first with my Hardcharger-style.
Happy New Year!

21/12 2008 - Christmas!
Soon its christmas!
I released a little christmas remix tonight, which
is released on EuroAdrenalines CDM called X-Mass 2008!
The David Crane track is going to be released
on December 29th!

01/12 2008 - David Crane Remix!
The preview is now uploaded for
my signed remix of David Crane - I lay my love on you.
Its signed Spirit Vision Records and will be released on
web on december 15th.
Preview of the other remixes here: Spirit Vision

27/11 2008 - I need you, is released!
Now I have released my remix of
Leann Rimes - I need you. Get it now!

24/11 2008 - Time for update.
Long time, no update! Sorry for that.
I've been very busy making official mixes for
different labels. For example: my remix of
David Crane's - I lay my love on you, won a place
on the release! It will be out soon!
But the latest week I've taken some time finished
an great unsigned remix for you all!
You can hear a preview of it in the jukebox.
Its Leann Rimes - I need you, in true Feelings for you style.
I will release it as soon as I finished all the mixes of it.
Til then, enjoy the preview!

21/9 2008 - Pink remix.
I've uploaded a little remix which
I made a few weeks ago, actually before
Feelings for you.
The remix is Pink - Get the party started!

10/9 2008 - "Feelings for you" now mastered!
I sent my promotrack Feelings for you for
professional mastering. Now it sounds very loud
and wide. It sounds great. I've updated the

25/8 2008 - "Feelings for you" musicvideo!
I made a cute little music video for my
latest track "Feelings for you". Love you E!
Watch Musicvideo at Youtube

24/8 2008 - Feelings for you is released!
Tonight I released my first own
production with the new style!
All I can say is that this is my best
track so far!
I'll try send this around to labels and see
what happens.

8/8 2008 - New remix released!
I uploaded another Hardcharger
remix tonight. Its Styles and Breeze's
classic track, Youre My Angel!
Check it out!

5/8 2008 - Own track preview!
A little preview of a own production
was uploaded in the jukebox tonight!
I changed a bit in my style, for example
with a harder kick! Tell me what ya think

25/7 2008 - First Hardcharger Remix uploaded!
I have tonight uploaded the first remix.
Its a remix of Paul Brugel's covertrack,
Nothing gonna change my love for you.
Now you finally can hear a full track with my
new mixdown, it include lots of sounds tweaked
to the max! Enjoy and comment in guestbook!

23/7 2008 - Updated Hardcharger preview!
I have tonight uploaded the latest mixdown.
The bass is sharper, cuts trought better.
All percussions is added. New acidbass-sound for
verses added together with an stacked invader-lead.
The preview is from a finished song, just waiting some
permissions. A few other mixes are started too.

11/7 2008 - New Hardcharger sound!
After putting most energy to making tunes
with my Imprezive-style, its now time to update
the Hardcharger-style!
I've put a sample in the jukebox, of how the
upcoming mixes from hardcharger will sound.
Enjoy and please comment in guestbook!

8/1 2007 - New website up!
Finally Hardcharger has got an own website.
Here you can find and download all my tracks.
Feel free to take a listen to the jukebox.