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6/11 - 2016
Two new remixes have been released the latest days.
First one remix for Giga Dance - Wild and free.
Then Hardcharger vs Aurora & Toxic is back with a new
single. The track is called Key to my heart, and
of course we support with a remix.

13/6 - 2016
New Single "Anything for you" is out now!
With stunning vocals by our new lead vocalist.
Including remixes by Etania, P!Crash and
The Nation. Updated the player with also a remix.

2/1 - 2016
Happy new year. Sorry for long time between
updates. During autumn til now many new tracks
have been released. Remixes for X-cess, Denis Pewny
and Elysha have now been released.
Also Imprezive meets Pink Planet new single
"Push me away" is now released. Really fresh!
We still have some tracks in store waiting
to be released, for example we have a remix
for Pete Sheppibone & Sashman Feat. Toni Fox.
Watch out!

28/6 - 2015
New remix is in the player. Its a remix for
Etania's new single "Warriors of Love".
Its one of the best one I've done yet, so
be sure to check it out.
Also just finished the next
Imprezive meets Pink Planet single. More info soon.
And a remix for X-cess! is coming up soon.

24/5 - 2015
Finally our new single is here, Reignite.
Released on our new label Sonic Flash.

11/4 - 2015
Our new single Reignite have been slightly
delayed, caused of our label Tunnel Records
have been shut down and sold. Sad news,
but we quickly got a new contract with
Sonic Flash!
In the meantime we have released alot of
remixes. You can now find 4 new tracks
in the player.

20/1 - 2015
So much to do with the music,
less time to write here.
But we have a new year and
a new single "Reignite" coming up.
Also some official remixes as well.

9/11 - 2014
Preview is up for the remix we made
for the new Etania single.
Our remix is signed on a lot of
upcoming compliation.

7/9 - 2014
After a nice summer break we are back
with lots of tracks. First up is a remix
for Danstyle. Preview in player now!
Next up is a remix for Etania's new single.
Really nice track, preview coming soon.
We have also finished a new
Imprezive meets Pink Planet single which
is now under remixing and mastering.

28/5 - 2014
Uploaded previews of two new, fresh
remixes! One for Giga Dance new track
and one for our side project Etania!

9/3 - 2014
The new single has now an release date.
On March 28th you will be able to get
Push the limits in all big shops!
Take a listen to the preview.

3/2 - 2014
New year and new tracks. I hope you have enjoyed
the latest tracks and I can today present a new remix
in the preview player.
Soon we will present our next single which is now finished
and sent for mastering.

26/11 - 2013
Too long time between updates, but as in return
we will bring you lots of tracks. A new single is
coming up, but first we can present two remixes.
The first coming in December 15th, a remix for
Anthony Simons ft. Anna Berardi - Think about the way.
An in January 17th comes the brand new
Hardcharger vs Aurora & Toxic single "Tonight"
including a remix by us. Previews is in the player now!

18/06 - 2013
Even more previews! Now a remix for
Hardcharger vs Aurora & Toxic's new single One Kiss.
Will be released July 5th. Check it out!

14/06 - 2013
Uploaded more previews! First up is the new single!
Its coming July 19th. Check it out.
There is also a preview of an upcoming remix for
Bastian Basic - Paradis. Its coming July 12th.

02/06 - 2013
So many tracks coming out in the next months.
First preview is now up for the remix coming up first.
Its a remix for the project Mike Molossa meets Wavepuntcher.
There is four other remixes waiting for releasedate, plus
our single which should be out soon.

27/02 - 2013
Been working hard with the music lately, but its
paying off. Both Imprezive meets Pink Planet and
Hardcharger vs Aurora & Toxic singles are ready.
Remixes for both projects is now in progress.
Still waiting for releasedates for the two
already done remixes, so you can hear the new sound!

20/01 - 2013
I have now finished two remixes in a short time,
with a new improved Imprezive meets Pink Planet sound.
Its a harder kick and fatter bass, more trance, but
still handsup. I think you will like it alot.
I have also got fresh vocals for a third single.

31/12 - 2012
I want to wish you a happy new year!
A preview of the original mix of Forever is
now available as a preview in the player.
Be sure to visit the Hardcharger page for a preview
of the Hardcharger vs Auroura & Toxic Remix.

22/12 - 2012
More tracks are coming from this project.
The second single will hit the streets 8th
of February and includes great remixers.
Its called Forever.
Just a few days ago another project including
Dj Imprezive released a single called "Mailbox".
Check it out in the player.
Lots of remixes are produced in this moment,
So watch out for more tracks next year.

25/05 - 2012
Finally I can bring you some great news.
Imprezive teams up with Aurora & Toxic (Pink Planet)
to bring you a brand new single and style!
With vocals sung by Lyane Leigh (E-rotic),
we bring you "I can't believe it".
Incl remixes from: Cherry Inc, Kompulsor,
Dj Delude, Emanuele Braveri and of course
a Hardcharger vs Aurora & Toxic Remix.
Check out that remix here
More info under Releases/Production.
Coming June 22th!

31/12 - 2009
I am sorry that 2009 didnt bring any
new stuff from Dj Imprezive.
The Hardcharger-style have been very
successful and will be even bigger in
2010. Hopefully there will be a few
remixes at least from the Imprezive-style.
Thats what I have in mind. Happy new year!

27/12 - 2008
Sorry for the lack of updates.
This last half of 2008 I've been
working mostly with my Hardcharger-style,
because it has been so successful.
We will hope that next year can bring
both Hardcharger and Imprezive tracks!
Happy new year!

25/7 - 2008
First track from Hardcharger is up at
his site. Check it out!

24/7 - 2008
Uploaded another version of Foggy - Your Eyes.
I've changed the bass. Tell me if you like the new one
or the old one better?

11/7 - 2008
There is an update at my Hardcharger
site. I've refined my Hardcharger-sound,
so it will soon be coming mixes there too.
You can listen to a preview at imprezive.com/hardcharger
Btw, Still no exact releasedate of my Empty Room
remix. But 3 versions (radio, club and alternate)
is in for studiomastering right now.

2/6 - 2008
I've been contacted by a label. They are
interested in doing a release of my
Sanna Nielsen - Empty Room remix.
That means that I have to remove it from
the site, but I will soon post up links
where you can buy it.
The preview is still in the jukebox.

1/5 - 2008
On the 1st of May I released a remix
of the old, great handsup-track "In your eyes"
by Foggy. I have, as always, given the
track an emotional, melodic and kicking style!
I hope you will enjoy it! I have already in
work another remix.

11/4 - 2008
Tonight I released another stunning
remix of a powerballad!
Its a remix of Sanna Nielsen's
Empty Room which was competing
for a place in Eurovison Song Contest.
She came second, but she got maximum
points from the phonevote!
I bet she should have won, if I made
the melody. :)

9/4 - 2008
I've now uploaded my Internet Baby Remix
for you all.

3/4 - 2008
I just came on second place in Vipzones
remixcontest for Radames - Internet Baby.
The original song is abit different, but
my remix is apperantly great.
Check it out in the jukebox!
I will soon release some new, hot stuff!

1/3 - 2008
Tonight I released a remix I made just for
fun while testing out some new stuff.
It turned out really well.
Its a remix of Sample Rippers
track "Dissin The Vibe".

22/2 - 2008
The Shakira remix is now ready and uploaded!
Shakiras vocals makes a good fit in a trance remix.
So dont sit here and wait, go download now.
It will be the song of the night!

17/2 - 2008
New versions of Mariah Carey remix and my
I wont forget you Promo is now available!
I've noticed that my kick doesnt feel right
and it ruins a bit of the sound.
So I took away everything linked to the kick
and started all over, and I came up with this instead.
And I think it sounds even better. Gives the
whole sound more energy and depth.
I also started all over with the "mastering".
Please download the new versions and tell
me what ya think?
A new upcoming track is in the jukebox!

4/2 - 2008
My first own real Dj Imprezive production is here.
Last week I got a sample cd sent to me from,
the number one trancecountry, germany!
It have the best vocals you can get and
they are royaltyfree!
So my first track is called "I wont Forget You".
I have tweaked my sound alot, so now its chrystalclear.
To addition the exellent vocals, it has amazing pads and
piano, a jumping buildup melody and as always great
You will find it in the productionsection.
Dont miss this one and tell me what you think!

24/1 - 2008
Another emotional track is ready.
Its a remix, almost an full own production, of
Mariah Careys - Cant live if living is without you.
I wanted to remix it awhile ago, but I thought it
could be really hard to remix a ballad.
But the result is great. It gives a awsome buildup
and it peaks with a melody which gives me chills!
You must go check it out now, in the remixsection.

14/1 - 2008
A new remix is ready! This one I've always wanted
to remix. Special D's "You" is, in my opinion,
the best track ever!
So here is my tribute for it. Its released on my
luckynumber day 14 too! Check it out in the
remixsection. I hope you'll enjoy it!

8/1 - 2008
Finally I've comed together and updated my website!
I also uploaded another site for my alternate style, Hardcharger.
Check it out!
A year since last update, I've developed myself as producer alot
during that year. Check out my latest releases and remixes, both here
and on the Hardcharger site. Find which style you like the most.
I've remixed Double Inc, Delta 3000, Savons "Wintertale", No Mercy's
oldie "Where do you go".
The next remix upcoming is a remix of The Hitmen's latest track, Angel.

20/1 - 2007
Dj Imprezive - For Elin 2007 is now released!
Check the Megamix-section

16/1 - 2007
Long time, no see. I had put my megamixing on
hold, but a few week ago I made a mix to enter
Radioseven Mixbattle 2007.
I has now qualified as Sweden's ten best megamixes,
vote for me now and listen to the final on
Saturday. Many great mixes is competing.

6/6 - 2006
Oops! Long time since update.
Been working hard with developing of my Hardcharger
project. Lots of remixes and own tunes will be released
during this month.
A new homepage will soon be up, so check out my indexpage
at www.imprezive.com

11/3 - 2006
Big update!
Finally I have something for you.
A previewmix with samples from my many projects.
I have also decided to make tunes under
another alias, Hardcharger. The style will be hard
and closer to real trance.
DJ Imprezive will keep doing megamixes and remixes.

Download the preview mix: DOWNLOAD 2,84 Mb
(Rightclick and Save target as)

Info about the projects:
0.01 - Hardcharger - Remix of a melody from Seven Winds
0.43 - DJ Imprezive - Remix (guess what)
1.09 - Hardcharger - Project (recognize the melody?)
1.36 - Hardcharger - Project, own melody
2.02 - DJ Imprezive - Remix (I can play any melody.
This is a pulsedriver remix, recreated by me with own leads.)

Help me decide which project to focus on.
And tell me how everything sounds, what I need to do better.
Guestbook is there for you.

18/2 - 2006
Over a month since last update. Sorry!
I've been busy with lots of different projects.
At the moment I have several remixes and tunes
in progress. I have to select and focus on just a few.
I am developing and tweaking new leadsynths and basses.
I've came up with several good now and I can now continue
working on the tunes.
No new megamix in progress, but I've a little collection of
tunes for a new one, so its only a matter of time until
I'll start it.
Sorry again and hold on, soon I will release a bunch of
new stuff! I'll upload some previews soon.

16/1 - 2006
Finally I've finished another remix.
Its one of Dan-J's latest tunes, which has a great melody.
My new tweaked synths and leads has a great sound.
You gotta hear this remix. Its in the Remix-section
Feedback is welcome in guestbook.

9/12 - 2006
The new year, of great musicproducing,
is here! Cant wait to start!
I've let the synths that I bought go and
now I have created some own synth sounds.
I wasn't satisfied with the quality of the
leads in Imprezive anthem, but now I
have come up with some great sounds.
They are really my style and there
is lots of posibilitys.
Hold on a couple of days more, and I
will release some new tunes.

28/12 - 2005
A new mix is ready for the
New Year partys.
Thanks everyone for your
support this great producing year.
I started in the beginning of the
year with some live mixing and
now, a couple of weeks ago,
i released my first own tune.
Thats a steep learningcurve.
Next year will be full of own
production, remixes and of
course megamixes!
Jukebox updated.
Enjoy my New Year Mix and have
yourself a Happy New Year!

24/12 - 2005
Merry Christmas everyone!
I've started the making of a new
mix. It will be ready in time
for all New Years Eve-partys.

17/12 - 2005
My first ever own production is now...
Check it out in the new productionsection.
Im pretty satisfied with the melody and
the build up. But I still have to learn more
about mastering.
Its a slight harder tune than I aim to make,
but its still very good. Enjoy!
Jukebox is also updated.

11/12 - 2005
Final mastering is in progress on my
first ever own production. A nice tune
which I think I'll name "The Imprezive Anthem"!
Suggestions are welcome in the guestbook.

10/12 - 2005
The competion on EuroAdrenaline is over.
The result in the competion was poor, but
I blame on the problems with the rules and on
the poor number of voting members.
The mixin is really good, so check it out
in the megamix section,
I can now announce for you that my first
own tune
is in production. I have come up
with a nice set of leads and a good melody.
I'll try release it in time for christmas.

4/12 - 2005
Sorry for not being updating the
website in a long time.
Been very busy, but I have also some
good news: I have updated my production
studio with new synths, so now I really can
produce some really good remixes and even my
own tunes.
I have an megamix ready. Its competing in the
ExellencE Mix Contest. Be sure to vote for me.
Download my mix and the other competitors mixes here:
ExellencE Mix Contest at EuroAdrenaline.com
I am in RAR pack 2. Read carefully how to vote, and make sure
to put me on first place. ;)

8/11 - 2005
Tonight I released my remix of
Clubringer's - Sound of my dream.
Make sure you check it out.
I also splited the musicpage into,
remixes and megamixes, because this
remix is defenitly not my last.

6/11 - 2005
This weekend I've been spending making my first
remix ever. I choosed one of my favorite tunes.
Clubringer's - Sound of my dream,
later called Eastrockerz - Sound of my dream.
One of the guys, Jardana is know nowadays in Eastclubbers.
Download a preview here: DOWNLOAD PREVIEW
Feedback is welcome in the guestbook.

29/10 - 2005
Suprises are great, aren't they?
I've made a mix in the last couple of days.
Its a megamix with tunes made by Deepforces.
I am a fan of his style of trance, very
melodic and great tempo. And this mix is
no exeption. High tempo and great mixin.
There is a sample in the jukebox also!

14/10 - 2005
The mix is ready, earlier as scheduled.
I call it Fastlane.
Just about 20 min long, and the mixing is
stunning this time. Lots of great "bootlegs"
and the tempo seems to rise more and more all
the time and the 20 min passing by real fast.
You can almost call it for Dancefloor Dreams 2,
but its ten times better, longer and stronger.
Jukebox is updated too!

13/10 - 2005
Hopefully the new mix will be ready this weekend.
Possibly on saturday evening. There is lots of
new tunes and real, great, heavy mixing this time.
You wont belive your ears.

10/10 - 2005
A new mix is in production as I mentioned earlier.
Keep watching out for it. Its hot!
As always its going to be better than ever.
The Imprezive-marathon had maybe over 1000 listeners
which I hope appreciated my mixes. Couldnt listen my
self, but if anyone here heard the show, please
tell me more about it in the guestbook.

8/10 - 2005
DJ Imprezive-marathon.
Tonight will www.playdio.se play all my mixes
between 0.00 AM and 2.00 AM CET (GTM +1). Dont miss that!
The site is available in english and deutch too.

7/10 - 2005
Tonight will a few of my mixes be played on a
swedish webradio www.playdio.se around midnight CET.
The site is available in english and deutch too.

25/9 - 2005
Jukebox is updated with Our Night and Competizion.
They are using slot 1 and slot 3.
Feedback on the jukebox is welcome in the guestbook.
New mix will be started soon. I am waiting for
some tunes to be released, so I can use them in
my mix. Alex Megane's, Cascada's and lots of
more dj is releasing tunes in the next couple
of weeks.

24/9 - 2005
New mix is released, my 11th released. I call it Our Night.
This mix has some heavy remixing like Clubnight.
Its good and balanced. A touch of Elin here too.
This mix takes you through the night.
Check out the mix and the tracklist on the musicpage!
EDIT: I am announced as winner in Dj Zero's megamix
contest. The mix "Competizion" is available for download
in the musicsection below For Elin 2005 because
it was made before it.

23/9 - 2005
1000 unique visitors on the website is passed.
Another mix is finished, but I still want to go
through it once more. But it wont be long til release.
Also the contest mix, which competed in DJ Zero's mixbattle
will be released in the next couple of days.
Check DJ Zeros forum and I'll think you will find
someone you know in the top. ;) (not official yet)

4/9 - 2005
Finished another mix, For Elin 2005.
This mix is for someone special. Carefully handpicked classic
and new, tunes compiled together to a great mix filled with love.
Special D, Rob Mayth, Mario Lopez and the Friday Night Posse remix
of Slinkee Minx - Summer Rain. (credits to Novus at E.A for identification)
I say no more. Go to the musicsection and download, listen and enjoy!
Jukebox is also updated.

4/9 - 2005
Go vote for the mix you think is the best in Dj Zero's mixbattle.
My mix is one of the 4 mixes. See if you can find which one is mine.
Dj Zero's mixbattle

23/8 - 2005
AM 2 PM is released as planned.
Check it out now in the musicsection!
I also have updated the jukebox with samples from AM 2 PM and Summerpulse.
Then go to the guestbook and give me your greetings
and thoghts on AM 2 PM.

22/8 - 2005
OMG! I got such a flow tonight that I finished "AM 2 PM"!
Hopefully its going to be released tomorrow! :)

22/8 - 2005
Right now I have lots of things to do. More websites are moving in at Imprezive.com.
But I am acctually having time for mixing as well.
I am participating in an megamix contest in DJ Zero's forum.
Go there and vote for me when the mixes i released in the end of the month.
But I am also working on a new mix, which will be released soon, Am to Pm is the title.
So please use the guestbook and give me thoughts and hopefully lots
of positive comments.

8/8 - 2005
I got my speed up and finished a new mix yesterday.
Today I did final mastering and its ready for release.
Check it out in musicsection.

31/7 - 2005
I'm back after a vacation and a new mix will soon be started.
At the moment I am collecting interesting tunes for a new mix.
Until then is the guestbook, jukebox and released mixes to your service.

15/7 - 2005
Tonight a new mix is released.
As I said, its perfect for this summers dancefloors. It has even
more hot and new tunes than Clubnight. And its called Dancefloor Dreams.
Tunes from Rob Mayth, Clubraiders, Deep Spirit, Cascada, S.A.D.,
and a new mix from Astrada!
Every tune used in the mix is individually remixed by me, even if they
already was remixed.
Now hurry to the musicpage and download, dont forget to comment in guestbook.
Jukebox is also updated with a sample from the new mix.

14/7 - 2005
A new mix is only a few days from release now.
Final mastering is in progress at this very moment.
Hold on, it will be great! Perfect for summerwarm dancefloors.

7/7 - 2005
I've updated the music page with a mixranking poll.
So please enter which mix you think is the best at the moment.
Please also use the guestbook and give me some feedback.
I've now a couple of week off from work, that means more time for mixes.

1/7 - 2005
Nice to see that I've started geting visitors daily.
But please everyone, dont copy the links to the files and put on
your website, thats NOT legal.
I am paying lots for my bandwidth and youre stealing from me by
leeching the files.
Please link to my site instead, 'cause if I have visitors I get sponsors.
If not, my site will go down every month, because of the bandwidth limit,
and you will not be able to download my mixes.
Well well, I am working on a new mix at the moment, but it will take
a bit more, trying some new stuff.

1/7 - 2005
Don't forget to write some comments in my guestbook while you're here.
Jukebox is also available for you in the bottom of the website. Just click anywhere
on it to start it and then just choose one of the tunes.
(You must have flashplayer installed)

25/6 - 2005
Uploaded my newest mix, Clubnight!
Also updated my nice little jukebox with a sample from the mix. Enjoy!

24/6 - 2005
My homepage is up and running.
All new features is here! Sign my guestbook, use the jukebox and even more important: browse and download my latest musicproductions!

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